Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | August 4, 2010

Host Josephine Johnson speaks with Lila Downs, World Music Recording Artist, August 9th

Join host Josephine Johnson Monday, August 9th for a conversation with  international jazz and Mexican folk music artist, Lila Downs.

Lila Downs began her career in the early 1990s as a Latin jazz singer but became increasingly interested in her mother’s native Mexican, Oaxacan folk music. After meeting American pianist and saxophonist Paul Cohen, Downs and Cohen began collaborating to arrange her original compositions. With one ear in Mexico and the other in America, Lila Downs’ music reflects the influence of both cultures incorporating elements of American rock as well as rhythmic and melodic aspects of traditional indigenous Mixtec, Zapotec, Mayan and Nahuatl music.

Downs and her band tour widely in Mexico, South America, the US and Europe. She’s also heard in a number of soundtracks including the film Frida, in which a duet, Burn it Blue, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song.   She continues with innovative collaborations and most recently worked with La Mari (singer) from Chambao (band) and Enrique Bunbury from Heroes del Silencio.  Downs also appears  on the Chieftains’ 2010 release  San Patricio.

On Friday, August 13th, Lila Downs will be performing at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles with Carlos Santana, Pete Escovedo & Zach de la Rocha in celebration of  Delores Huerta’s 80th birthday.

Tune in to Through the Eyes of Women, 1:30 pm Monday, August 9 to hear a conversation with Lila Downs on KHSU 90.5.


  1. I can’t wait to hear your interview. Lila Downs always inspires me. She amazes me with her ability to be aware of so many things and yet very focused on what is important to her and those she cares about. Oh yes! and her singing as well!

  2. Fantastic! Lila Downs was so well spoken and very gracious with her time. Beth Rogers arranged a 15 minute interview with her, but she ended up speaking with us for more like 25. I am thrilled that you’re excited–I think you’ll really enjoy her thoughtfulness and joy. ~Josephine

  3. If you listened to DN! Wednesday the 11th you heard an interview with Dolores Huerta talking about the concert this Friday, Aug. 13th. It’s always nice to be on the same page as the DN! folks.

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