Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | July 27, 2010

Host Kathy Srabian Speaks with Kym Kemp about Creating Our County’s Future, August 2nd, 2010

Marijuana cultivation significantly bolsters Humboldt’s local economies. Dollar estimates are wide-ranging, from 500 million to upwards of 3-5 billion annually of pot money may be circulating in and out of Humboldt County. No one knows for certain, but it is a lot of money.

Given that our emerald county continues to face steep financial challenges– the timber and fishing industries have all but failed on the North Coast; state and federal dollars have become increasingly scarce–pot money has become integral and maintains many local businesses and households. Can Humboldt County residents come to terms with and embrace the fact that marijuana cultivation brings much needed revenue to our towns and enclaves?  Can growers and community members work together and reach an understanding that marijuana cultivation could be used to make our communities stronger, better-funded schools for example.   Is it possible to be civically minded in the midst of prodigious amounts of pot money?

This November state voters will decide if marijuana, Humboldt County’s cash crop, will become legal. The outcome of which could  greatly change our economic landscape.

Kym Kemp and others such as the Humboldt Medical Marijuana Advisory Panel have been advocating for how our county could best position itself to meet an unknown future.  First, all involved parties must begin a dialog.  And already Southern Humboldt folks ( outdoor growers) have begun speaking with people in Northern Humboldt  (indoor growers).  Recent gatherings have brought these  different cultures and growing philosophies together.  Politicians and law makers should begin talking with these people as well.

But who are ‘the growers’?  Local media have referred to them as ‘dirty hippies’, the ‘Mexican Cartels’, and ‘those greedy ones’.  Who are they really?  Perhaps your best neighbors, your dental hygienist, your mailman?

Through the Eyes of Women is unable to coax anyone on air to to speak about her marijuana cultivation process/activities.  Why?  Federally, growing and selling pot remains illegal, and for those who have obtained California state-sanctioned paperwork,  stigma still follows.  “You grow?” means something less than desirable.  “You are one of  ‘them’? ”

Join host Kathy Srabian and guest Kym Kemp on Monday August 2nd to explore a few of the issues presented by marijuana cultivation–and its potential legalization–in Humboldt County.


  1. […] Afterward becoming impassioned because of her talk with SHB, Srabian attended last weekend’s HuMMAP event last weekend and came out with a renewed determination to discuss the secretive culture and the ways that the local economy is dependent on it. She worries in a post […]

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