Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | July 22, 2010

Host Kathy Srabian Presents SoHumBorn, an Up and Coming Author, 07/26/2010

SoHumborn, a local writer and blogger, is this week’s guest on Though the Eyes of Women.  Having grown up in Southern Humboldt County, she is well acquainted with the area’s people, conflicts, seasons, and politics. SoHumborn reveals what she knows about the North Coast’s number generator of personal wealth–marijuana cultivation.

Though some consider her writing dangerous and too revealing of Humboldt’s marijuana culture, many view her as chronicling insightful details of a rich lifestyle on the verge of disintegration; Sohumborn captures a way of life that may disappear completely with the legalization of marijuana.

Local historian, Lynette Mullen, had this to say when asked her if she thought SoHumBorn was a historian: No doubt she is a historian.  Anyone that captures life (be it non-fiction or “fiction”–there is always truth in “fiction”)  is a historian.  The fact that she is willing to share what she is witness to with a wider audience makes her a good historian.  The fact that she is a tremendous writer further makes her a GREAT historian.  And the fact that she captures and shares a part of life that many of us remain unaware of makes her a tremendously interesting historian as well-even in the present day.

Her blog entries can now be found at


  1. […] Missing your favorite fiction writer?  You can hear her talk tomorrow on KHSU. (Though her voice will be slightly disguised to keep her anonymity.) Former blogger, SoHumBorn whose tales of the outlaw world of marijuana growers have captivated an online audience will be interviewed by Kathy Srabian on the show Through the Eyes of Women at 1:30pm. […]

  2. Every time I listen to Kathy Srabian on Through The Eyes of Women I think I should write and tell someone how much I enjoy her interviews, and then I get busy with life and forget. After yesterdays show I could not forget.

    Besides Kathy’s calm welcoming voice, she is smart, funny and I feel she has genuine respect for the guests and the topics discussed. I love the way she draws the story out and keeps the conversation moving without interrupting the flow.

    Thank you for bringing this listener this wonderful gift, I look forward to more from Kathy.

  3. Kathy Srabian’s interview with SoHumBorn impressed on more than one level. Kathy handles herself professionally, and has respect for her guest. The conversation flowed effortlessly, her guest’s comfort was never compromised. SoHumBorn was captivating. To sum it up in a word, it was ‘real’. Well done, I’m waiting for Kathy’s next show with great anticipation.
    JD – Ontario, Canada

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